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and before i forget...

Opening Credits: Alkaline Trio – Radio

Waking Up Scene: The Eels – Mr. E’s Big Beautiful Eyes

Average Day Scene: Box Car Racer – There Is

Best Friend Scene: The Ataris – In This Diary

First Date Scene: Alkaline Trio – She Took him To the Lake

Falling in love Scene: Box Car Racer – And I

Love Making Scene: Elliot Smith – Angeles

Fight with a Friend Scene: Brand New – Seventy Time 7

Break Up Scene: The Starting Line – Break up Day

Get Back Together Scene: I’d Do Anything

“Life’s Okay” Scene: The Early November: All We Ever Needed

Heartbreak Scene: Senses Fail – One Eight Seven

Mental Breakdown Scene: Osker – All Right

Murder Scene: Incubus – I Miss You

Deep Thought Scene: Modest Mouse – Edit the Sad Parts

Flashback Scene: Blink 182 – I Miss You

Party Scene: Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades

Happy Dance Scene: Vince Gauraldi Trio – Linus and Lucy

Regret Scene: Phish – Farmhouse

Night Alone Scene: Early November – Something That Produces Results

Death Scene: Hot Hot Heat – Bandages

Closing Credits: Taking Back Sunday – Cute without the “e” (Cut From the Team)


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