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Sleeping Beauty

I'm sleeping

20 June
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♥♥ Funeral for a Friend ♥♥
♥♥, a perfect circle, abby, adam lazarra, afi, alkaline trio, antique lamps, art, art class, at the drive in, badtz maru, bai, bec, being in love, bikini kill, bleeding through, blink 182, boyfriends, boys, brand new, bright eyes, care bears, chappelle show, cheerleading, chicago, chris, christmas, christmas specials, coheed and cambria, commitment, conor oberst, count the stars, creating, cursive, daydreaming, death cab for cutie, dirty faces, dont look down, drawing, dreaming, drunken snowmen, early november, eliz, elliott smith, emo boys, emo glasses, emo music, everytime i die, fall out boy, fallacy, falling in love, felix the cat, finch, flashlight brown, fraggle rock, fugazi, funeral for a friend, gambling, gaudy rings, giraffes, granddaddy, green day, harry potter, hello kittay, hidden in plain view, hollister, home-made jewelry, horror flicks, hot hot heat, iggy pop, interpol, j-quick, jacob, jake, jet, justice league trading cards, kissing, lawrence arms, libby, libby's bird cards, livejournal, love, low rider, mae, making icons, midtown, modest mouse, moneen, motion city soundtrack, much the same, my digital camera, my rainbow belt, northstar, nose over tail, office space, osker, painting, photography, planes mistaken for stars, poetry, polka dots, pretty girls make graves, rise against, rufio, rush, saosin, satanic bus drivers, saturday night live, senses fail, seoreh, simple plan, sleeping, story of the year, summer vandalism, sunny day real estate, taking back sunday, text messaging, the bled, the critic, the d4, the doors, the eels, the flipside, the garfield christmas special, the hives, the mountain goats, the postal service, the smiths, the starting line, the strokes, the used, the yeah yeah yeahs, thirft stores, thursday, tool, vince gauraldi, vintage t-shirts, wakefield, weezer, writing, yellowcard